Busy board 10 educational elements

The Bear mostly symbolizes strenght, courage and most important to children – the care of mother. Mother care is important for every child in the first and last years of life. Beloved boards argued for these values – strenght, courage and care of mother.

  1. The circle shall be rotated around the ring and shall be followed by numbers 1-12.The circle not only develops the agility of the child’s fingers but will also allow you to learn the digits.
  2. Three gears are interconnected. When moving any of them the other gears come along.Gears are a fascinating activity for children developing the inner motor skills and the agility of fingers.
  3. The red circle can be pushed up/down and right/left.Develop coordination of movemnents of the child which is particularly important for development of the child.
  4. In neck part are placed wooden beads the beads are painted in basic colors.The beads are made up of basic colors that a child needs to learn in early childhood. With beads there is also chance to teach a child to count.
  5. Behind the door are four symbols of the weather – sun, cloud, snowflake and raindrops. The way a child can learn not only the weather but also the 4 different seasons.
  6. There are four spinning figures on the Bear – a triangle a circle a square and a rectangle. Each figure is painted in one of the basic colors.The figures can be rotated into a circle. It’s a great and interesting way for a child to learn not the only figures but also basic colors.
  7. Each paw contains two of inseperable laces with wooden tips for easier laces twisting. Laces develops a chil’s logical thinking and precision. They can learn not only to tie shoes but also to learn basic colors.
  8. The rattle is attached to the bear. It is inseperable and contains four wooden balls which cannot be removed from the rattle. Rattle creates sound and develops the coordination of the child’s movement’s as well as develops the inner motor skills and finger agility.
  9. The blue circle can be pushed from one to other side through the ZigZag formation. It’s not detachable from the bear. ZigZag shaped coordination path develops the coordination of the child movements and creates imaginate thinking.

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