busy board

What is busy board?

“Busy board” or “Activity board” is becoming more and more popular every day in the world. Many still have a question about what it is and what it gives to a child, so we gathered information on their types in the blog article below.

Traditional busy board

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The traditional busy board or activity board is the most common everyday items such as contact rosettes and other daily cases placed on wooden base. It is a method of learning in an interesting way. Practical knowledge of common elements in daily life, thus developing fine motor skills and learning new things.

Beloved boards busy board

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Beloved Boards busy board is made in contrast to the traditional activity board and only educational elements are placed on it. With Beloved boards sensory board the child gains new knowledge of basic elements such as figures, seasons, basic colors, etc. The laces is placed in Bear’s paws and it is and intresting way to learn how to tie shoes. It is produced in Latvia and only ecological raw materials are used in production process.

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