Why Bear?

The mother bear is one of the most tender, nurturing, and fiercely protective mothers in the animal world. In the spring when she emerges from her den, she brings with her at least one new cub who was born during the hibernation. The first and most difficult lesson she teaches her baby is to stay hidden and quiet high up in a tree while she searches the forest for food. It is essential that the cub remain in the tree, for if she climbs down and wanders around alone it is only a matter of time before she will become lunch for a ravenous adult male bear.

Bear 3 symbols

1. The care of mother!

2. Courage;

3. Strenght.

Why Beloved boards?

Every newborn has the the right to be loved already from the first day in his life right? But being loved doesn’t just mean caring for parents to child. It means something more. The child’s basic knowledge is developing in the first years of his life. There is no time for non-educational toys. That’s how Be Loved Boards brand was founded in the middle of 2018. 

Beloved Boards 3 main values 

1. Educational elements mainly;

2. Mainly FSC certificated wooden parts without any oils and chemistry;

3. Only ecological colors while painting any of elements.